A Stroll Through the Matheran

MATHERANThere goes a tiny road,curving around the hills,where winds are fast, trees high,and sunlight filters through the leaves.Through these dense woods,the road reaches up to the top,where your heart melts, mind sways,and soul starts to float. 1 Reaching Matheran Reaching Matheran is an experience in itself. Situated at top of a small hill. I had to climb a considerable distance from the taxi stop. In old days they used small narrow gauge train line built by Britishers, but now my foot are only option (other khachchar of course). The walkway consists of small trails sometimes above, sometimes below and sometimes … Continue readingA Stroll Through the Matheran

MUNNAR: Tea, Mountains, Magic

1 The beauty of Munnar is so stunning that it’s trouble believing that such place can even exist. It can not be captured in either words or photos, it can only be experienced. 1 What is Munnar? Munnar is a small hill station in Idukki district of Kerala, that acted as summer resort of the British. They started planting tea here which soon became major economic activity of the region. You can see vast tea gardens spread over thousands of acres of land amidst the beautiful mountains and forests of Western Ghats.  1 KOLUKKUMALAI – TOP STATION Kolukkumalai and Top Station … Continue readingMUNNAR: Tea, Mountains, Magic

Curious Case of Lothal and Dholavira

1 If there were places that could question your notion about life, the ancient towns of Lothal and Dholavira are such places. Flourished and devastated with time, these cities are proof of uncharted power of time and unaltered hope of humanity. Born and raised by the very river that gave this country it’s name, these towns were part of much larger and developed civilization- The Harappa Civilization. And like every Harappan town, they too had surprisingly efficient urban planning schemes and infrastructure. They were connected by other cities through Indus river systems and had huge ports for transportation of marterials … Continue readingCurious Case of Lothal and Dholavira