Story#4: Maheshwar

A River of Spirituality A river carries many things with its natural flow of water: some strings of history, a few abstract from cultures and the whole circle of life itself. Every great civilization is flourished on the bank of a river, deriving not only their source of life but also their sense of identity, spirituality and whole meaning of existence. But this metamorphosis of the river takes a long way of transitions and understanding. When the river starts to accumulate life in her arms, and it’s ever-changing currents start to sing with the birds and dance with the boats, … Continue readingStory#4: Maheshwar

Story#3: Mrignayani

Legend or Myth There is a thin line between myths and legends, and often the truth gets lost while traveling through time and ages. But sometimes history does create magic, stories stranger than fiction, ordinary lives no less than legends. The hills of Gwalior, its magnificent fort has witnessed many such legends. But one legend stands out of others, The Tale of Queen Mrignayani, whose impressions are still alive within these ramparts of Gujari Mahal. Ninni, too was fond of these stories, their legends, and mythologies. She’d never sleep until she had listened to many such stories from her grandmother, and … Continue readingStory#3: Mrignayani

Story#2: From Queen’s Meadow

The Winding Road As the winding road takes each turn, slowly to avoid interrupting the stillness of these mountains, a slight bit of Ranikhet unfolds itself to me. And with next turn hides again, only to open up more. This shyness is not anew for hill towns, but Ranikhet plays this game of intimidation quite extraordinarily. Perhaps this is why it was named Ranikhet: The Queen’s Meadow. Or perhaps it does have the most beautiful meadows I’ve seen, perhaps ever. Only one way to know, the winding road. The Celebration of Nature So as the winding road takes me through … Continue readingStory#2: From Queen’s Meadow

Story#1: Tales from Keoladeo

A Journey through the Woods And once again, here I am lost in the woods, but not alone as I have found, a friend in these heavy clouds and low trees, in grass green, in that tiny stream, and in singing birds, in running squirrels And yet again, wandering through these woods I have found myself, I have found my soul. Tales from Keoladeo This love for jungles, for their vivid biodiversity, dragged me into the wetlands of Keoladeo National Park. And I realized where else can we find, such diversity of life. From tiny insects stealing nectar from flowers … Continue readingStory#1: Tales from Keoladeo