Story#4: Maheshwar

A river carries many things with its natural flow of water: some strings of history, a few abstract from cultures and the whole circle of life itself. Every great civilization is flourished on the bank of a river, deriving not only their source of life but also their sense of identity, spirituality and whole meaning of existence. But this metamorphosis of the river takes a long way of transitions and understanding. When the river starts to accumulate life in her arms, and it’s ever-changing currents start to sing with the birds and dance with the boats, it’s rhythmic sounds harmonize … Continue readingStory#4: Maheshwar

The Winds of Kumaon

I still remember the first time I travelled into mountains, and watched rough plains slowly transforming into undulated mounds, mounds into small hills, hills into mountains. I remember holding my window grill more tightly as the air started to become cooler, as elements of nature started to overcome humanly presence, and boredom of plains replaced by mysteries of these mountains.  I believe it is this journey of transition that always brings me back into these mountains, and it undoubtedly surprises me every time. 1 Watching the landscape slowly transforming as I travelled through Haldwani, the gateway to Kumaon, I started to … Continue readingThe Winds of Kumaon


Historic sites have always intrigued me most, due to their subtle reminder of a time that is lost, their sole presence indicates a culture that is forgotten. In this context, Sanchi indeed seems to be a pearl in the ocean of time, rejuvenating so many centuries within it. What makes Sanchi special is its connections to so many regimes and monarchs, who contributed to making Sanchi an important Buddhist center of its time, and a link to several hundred years of history, art and culture. What Sanchi gives us today is the glimpse of a glorious past, of the epitome … Continue readingSanchi

Story#3: Mrignayani

There is a thin line between myths and legends, and often the truth gets lost while traveling through time and ages. But sometimes history does create magic, stories stranger than fiction, ordinary lives no less than legends. The hills of Gwalior, its magnificent fort has witnessed many such legends. But one legend stands out of others, The Tale of Queen Mrignayani, whose impressions are still alive within these ramparts of Gujari Mahal. Ninni, too was fond of these stories, their legends, and mythologies. She’d never sleep until she had listened to many such stories from her grandmother, and wouldn’t wake up … Continue readingStory#3: Mrignayani

Story#2: From Queen’s Meadow

As the winding road takes each turn, slowly to avoid interrupting the stillness of these mountains, a slight bit of Ranikhet unfolds itself to me. And with next turn hides again, only to open up more. This shyness is not anew for hill towns, but Ranikhet plays this game of intimidation quite extraordinarily. Perhaps this is why it was named Ranikhet: The Queen’s Meadow. Or perhaps it does have the most beautiful meadows I’ve seen, perhaps ever. Only one way to know, the winding road.


The land of Orchha, the soil of Bundelkhand has a very deep relationship with blood. This land has seen uncountable wars, battles, bloodsheds. But amidst these times of destruction and chaos, there have been moments when this beautiful land blossomed. When instead of waging wars, kingdoms flourished with music and poetry. When the earth was covered with green and not red. These moments were indeed fewer but were enough to create a land of diverse culture, enriched with several artistic expressions, blooming to its full extent. I crave for those moments, those golden pages in the book of history. And this … Continue readingOrchha


Travelling through the ruins of this city, and fragments of culture it represents, I instantly fell in love with the sight of Hampi. With big and small boulders scattered here and there, and remains of once a powerful empire amidst them. 1 These granite rocks are an important part of Hampi’s geography, and history too: as they have seen laying the foundation of an empire, rose to become the capital of South India as Vijaynagara. They witnessed the rise of a metropolis, it’s extensive monuments and crowded streets, beautiful gardens and huge markets. And they saw battles, wars that killed … Continue readingHampi

Story#1: Tales from Keoladeo

And once again, here I amlost in the woods, but not aloneas I have found, a friend in theseheavy clouds and low trees,in grass green, in that tiny stream,and in singing birds, in running squirrelsAnd yet again, wandering through these woodsI have found myself, I have found my soul.

Pondicherry: Little France in India

The east coast of India, facing the Bay of Bengal, is famous for its violent waves; and Pondicherry would not be an exception to it. One of the first, and perhaps the most, intriguing image that I remember of it would be of reckless sea breeze swiftly washing my face, as I sat there watching the orange sun rising from the horizon.   1 1 One of the most defining feature of the Indian Culture, from the beginning of its time, has been the acceptance of foreign culture and societies, a sense of synthesis rather than conflict of believes. It … Continue readingPondicherry: Little France in India

A Stroll Through the Matheran

MATHERANThere goes a tiny road,curving around the hills,where winds are fast, trees high,and sunlight filters through the leaves.Through these dense woods,the road reaches up to the top,where your heart melts, mind sways,and soul starts to float. 1 Reaching Matheran Reaching Matheran is an experience in itself. Situated at top of a small hill. I had to climb a considerable distance from the taxi stop. In old days they used small narrow gauge train line built by Britishers, but now my foot are only option (other khachchar of course). The walkway consists of small trails sometimes above, sometimes below and sometimes … Continue readingA Stroll Through the Matheran