Story#2: From Queen’s Meadow

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The Winding Road

As the winding road takes each turn, slowly to avoid interrupting the stillness of these mountains, a slight bit of Ranikhet unfolds itself to me. And with next turn hides again, only to open up more. This shyness is not anew for hill towns, but Ranikhet plays this game of intimidation quite extraordinarily. Perhaps this is why it was named Ranikhet: The Queen's Meadow. Or perhaps it does have the most beautiful meadows I've seen, perhaps ever. Only one way to know, the winding road.

The Celebration of Nature

So as the winding road takes me through the vivid landscapes of Ranikhet, I remember holding my breath at every turn. And I remember swift winds brushing my face, bringing the subtle fragrance of freshness. I remember tiny villages and towns passing by, surrounded by patches of green meadows, sitting in the lap of mighty Himalayas. And I kept thinking, isn't this what life about, to enjoy nature, to celebrate it.

The Dance of Life

And traveling to these winding roads is one way to celebrate the nature. Another way that I found was to watch the sunrise, amidst these meadows. To watch it slowly falling over the town, over its beautiful roads and bricks. As my eyes glittered with sunshine, it helped me realize how nature too celebrate itself. Alone in those woods, my soul wandered with a thousand voices of birds and leaves, and my heart filled with every bit of life dancing around me.

Ranikhet is a small hill town in Almora district of Uttrakhand. Ranikhet literally translates to Queen's Meadow,  getting its name from a local legend, which states that it was here, that Raja Sudhardev won the heart of his queen, Rani Padmini, who subsequently chose the area for her residence, giving it the name, Ranikhet. Although there is no royal residence in the area, Ranikhet does have one of the most stunning roads across Uttrakhand, showcasing vibrant life and nature of Ranikhet.

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