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A brief history of Sanchi

The Treasures of Time

The Great Stupa commissioned by Ashoka the Great in 3rd century BC, and further expanded by Shunga and Satvahana kings.

Stupa No 2 was built by Shunga Rulers in around 115 BC, but not the highly decorated gateways which were later built by the Satvahanas.

Stupa No 3 is situated at a lower part of the hill and was also built by the Shungas around 1st Century BC.

Various small Stupas dedicated to Buddhist preachers and monks.

Temple 18: An apsidal temple of Mauryan period, which was rebuilt in around 7th century AD.

Temple 45: The last Buddhist temple built at Sanchi at around 9th century AD.

A monastery (vihara) located on the hill about 7m below the Great Stupa,

Cultural Influences of Sanchi

Text in Brahmi script

Carvings at the one of the four decorated gateways to the Great Stupa.

The ASI Museum at Sanchi

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